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See and hear Brinkmann's new Spyder turntable.  

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Saturday November 15th, 2pm - 5pm  


Audio Alternative, Fort Collins, CO 80526  

Phone: (970) 221 1496  

email: sales@audioalternative.com  

web: www.audioalternative.com  



Friday November 21st, 6pm - 10pm  


Paragon Sight & Sound, Ann Arbor, MI 48103  

Phone: (734) 662 3595  

email: info@paragonsns.com  

web: www.paragonsns.com  



Saturday November 22nd, 2pm - 5pm  


Analog Audio Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55311  

Phone: (612) 808 0709  

email: paul@analogaudio-mn.com  

web: www.analogaudio-mn.com  



In demonstrating the Spyder's versatility Andrea Brinkmann will be playing and comparing tracks from LPs in the new Beatles Mono box set and those same tracks in Stereo, as well as other direct Mono / Stereo comparisons, demonstrating the benefits of analog playback with the ease of a multi-arm setup.  


Stay tuned for more upcoming events!  




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